Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's been a long time!

Life moves so fast I can hardly believe that I have not blogged in so long...I am amazed once more at the changes that God brings to our lives. Recently, our children who were here in Florida with us decided to move back to Indiana to go back to their old friends and school. 

After much prayer and following of peace, the kids showed a lot of maturity in their decisions.  It's always a rewarding thing for a mom to see growth in her children.  I can see God at work in their lives and mine even though my heart breaks, I trust God for what is best for them.

Wes is a young man now, at the age of 20 and I'm thrilled to see him take charge of his life and go after it.  It was a hard decision for him to go back too.  He's working hard at his new job and I'm proud of him.

Jessi text me yesterday, she is soo excited about her senior year and has packed her school year with 3 art classes...It's wonderful for me to watch her pursue her passion!  I'm excited and blessed for her.

Atlee is glad to be back with friends in a familiar setting, he's come to the place in life at the age of 13 where he feels he needs to be with dad and I support him in his decision and I think this will be good for him and his dad. 

It's such a blessing for me to see what God will do in their lives.  One thing I've learned is that God loves these kids deeply and I can completely trust his plan for their lives.

Matty and I are now emptynesters...well, until Thanksgiving at least when Jes and At come for a visit.  I wonder what God has for our lives as well.  Time will tell.

Recently, I was blessed to share a bit of Danni's story via skype with some lovely sisters in Guatemala through our dear friends Randy and Brenda who have been missionaries there for many years.  Randy served as my interpreter and it was a very wonderful thing to feel the spirit of God flowing between the ladies and I so far away.  God is so amazing!

Our granddaughter is growing by leaps and bounds and we miss squeezing her :)  Our daughter Mallorie is a great mom!

I guess that's all for now, we are loving the place God has put us and even though it has its challenges we are confident that this is his timing and plan for us.