Saturday, September 25, 2010

Life is...

I haven't blogged for a while mostly because Jessi and Atlee, my kids, are homeschooling online which ties up the computer for most of the day and evening. Lately, I have no words of wisdom or catchy phrases to quip.

I feel as if I have been stripped down to nothing. I have found a job that I like very much working with people in a local restaurant. It's a good place for me to be and I feel like life has just started all over...again.

I can't believe that in another month it will be two years since we lost our precious Danni. The year has flown and so much has changed...where has the time gone?

We are enjoying our new surroundings and the people here are so kind. They work hard, very hard but seem happy.

I'm ready for a warm winter with no snow and I am excited with anticipation to see what God will do with our new lives. This week we safely tucked my parents away in their new condo life at the retirement village and it's good to know they are well taken care of. They have no plans of slowing down they just won't have the extra ins and outs of home ownership to deal with.

Life is what it is no matter where you are...what you make of it.

We're learning a great deal about being content in all circumstances and living on the joy that comes from within.

Walking on in him...Christy

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heart of Love

My heart was moved to tears this morning as I read from Matthew 26:6-13. When was the last time that I just loved on Jesus? As I followed the example of the woman with the expensive jar of perfume, I ran to him in my heart and embraced him pouring over him the love he had given to me.

It is an expensive thing to love Jesus like this, it will cost you all you have and all you are but any other way is not enough. He deserves all the love and devotion we can give.

I thought it was interesting that in verses 8-9 the disciples thought that her act of devotion was a waste. How this must have wounded the heart of God, his disciples were so caught up in the “work” of God that they couldn’t see God. There he was, Jesus their Messiah reclining at the table with them just inches from their fingers ability to reach out and touch him.

They could look directly into his beautiful eyes; they could hear his voice clearly and directly. They could ask him any question and know for sure the answer that came from his lips. Oh, what I would give for that opportunity!! But they missed it. How tragic.

But there is always one left, a remnant that sees. The woman loved him so much and through her love her eyes were opened and she saw clearly the Son of God before her. She gave him her all. Oh, that I could be like her.

Jesus, keep my heart full of love and open my eyes to see past the “work” of Christian society so I can simply love you with all I have. Open the eyes of my spirit to recognize your presence so that I will never miss you. All my attention I give to you, Jesus, as well as my love. Amen