Sunday, May 4, 2014

Abundantly Blessed!

Above is a picture from the balcony near my room ...the window on the left.. Wow where do I start? The flight was long with many screaming babies but I had my earplugs and voila we made it here in one piece. The first day went like this... 2 guys from the church Brian and Oliver, picked up me and anouther guy, Danielle from France and brought me to my friends the Neeladoos. I was so blessed to hear that I was staying with them as I have a special place in my heart for them. Randy surprised Robin and Luke at the airport, he had rented a car and drove them to the house he was staying. It was so wonderful to meet the rest of the family...son Alex and daughter and son in law Sharon and Jonno and their little one Micah. There are guys here staying for conference and bible school Sheldon, Meowri, Lorik, David, Sheldom and another guy sorry cant remember his name ...they are all precious brothers mostly in their 20's. They are from Madagascar, France, England and Mauritius. I'm hoping to get a picture of everyone but its a very busy time and some of them are on the worship team which practices late until late at the church. What an awesome family of God I'm part of! Also on my first day hereI got the privilege of hanging out with Mrs. Neeladoo, Noella and a wonderful sister from a neighboring island...Doris...sweet sisters! The internet isnt very reliable because there are so many people pulling on it from here thats why I havent posted much and some of this my not be perfect beause Im hurrying. I want to upload more pictures but Im not sure how it will go. Yesterday, I had the privilege of going to another elder's house for dinner with the Neeladoo family and I ate beef tongue for the first ....and probably the last time....but I tried it non the less...wwhat an adventure Im on. That house was also full dont ask me all the names but they were great and we had a blast chatting and laughing even if most of it was in french...fortunately there was another sister from Boston there she has been here 3 years and could translate for me her name was Tatiana and the elder was Mark and his wife Millie, their two sons and a guy from France, two guys from Zimbabwe and another guy from Mauritius. Tatiana told us a great story about the monkeys in the backyard ...they live on the edge of a ravine...she's hillarious! Apparently she was sleeping outside and started to see one monkey, then two then three and more and more untill there were 15 and she ran screaming into the house and no one was there so they don't believe her...its better when she told it...too funny! Today we went to church and it was great to be in the house of God with everyone. Others had just arrived from our church in America this morning and they were in church...amazing ...I'm sure they are wiped out today! I finally met my pastor face to face today...what a blessing! They assured us that we will have a time when we can all be together...I'm looking forward to that. The house is quiet now much like oura house after church on Sundays. Well I guess thats it for now...more later love to all...Christy

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